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Ultra Clear Glass(Low Iron)

Ultra clear glass is low iron glass with high light transmittance.It is high grade,multifunctional,new glass,and generally its light transmittance is higher than 91%.It is crystal clear and is crowned as"crystal prince" of glass family. Our ultra clear glass has super physical,mechanical and optical characteristics.Like regular glass it can be fabricated,e.g.,being tempered,coated,silk printed,heat bent,laminated,and being made into double glazing units. Our successfully developed two series ultra clear glass products;(one is solar energy series,and the other is architectural or else.)This is the first time to classify ultra clear glass as two series according to its main functions. With its crystal clear appearance,Our ultra clear glass has become a highlight in world architectural industry.It not only brings benefit on energy saving and environment protection,but also has modern fashionable style,and can arouse designers'creation and inspiration.Combining its excellent optical character with PE technology,Our ultra clear glass has been applied in a new area,or on PE glass curtain.PE glass curtain has many functions,e.g.,power generating,sound insulation,heat obstructing,safety,and decoration.We have very high expectation on the outlook of this kind of PE curtain.

Mechanical Parameters

 Elasticity Modulus                                                                          73.1Gpa
 Rupture Modulus(Tensule Strength-ultimate)                                41.4Mpa
 Knoop hardness                                                                            456kgf/mm2


Physical Parameters

 Density                                                                                      2.5076g/cm3
 Linear Coefficient of Expansion 20-300 oC                              9.28x10-6/oC
 Linear Coefficient of Expansion 20-450 oC                              9.75x10-6/oC
 Transformation Temperature                                                    556
 Intenerate Temperature or Yield Point                                       606
 Softening  Point                                                                         710
 Annealing Point                                                                         547
 Strain Point                                                                                513
 High Temperature Viscosity log2                                              1392
 High Temperature Viscosity log3                                              1152
 High Temperature Viscosity log4                                               996
 Liquid Phase Temperature                                                        1008

Interior and exterior Decoration of Top Grade Buildings
Ultra clear glass appears sparking and crystal-clean,which makes clean
and elegant feelings and raises the quality of buildings and interior spaces.
It could be materials of curtain walls,windows and doors,partitions,
columns,interior walls,floors,etc.
Show Case
Not only can acts as the show cases for commodities such as jewelry,costume,
cosmetics,it also can be used for exhibiting collections in museums,with its high transmittance,it can display the quality and color of products veritably just as people touch the product personally,especially for jewelry,it will inspire the purchasing desire.
Solar products
For its high transmittance of sun rays and visible light,ultra clear glass can be adopted extensively in new energy fields,such as making solar PV cell cover,greenhouse,flat-type solar collector,photoelectric curtain wall.
Household Appliances
It could be the screen protector of Plasma TV,panel of all household appliances and glass panel of range hoods.With Ultra Clear Glass,you will level up and make new selling points for your products.
It severs as the colored partitions of tea tables,panel doors and other furniture,making them more beautiful visibly and decoratively.
Bath Products
Shower room,glass basin and mirror made by ultra clear glass will create beautiful and comfortable environment for people.
Ultra Clear Glass would be materials for lights(such as ceiling lights,pendant drops,crystal lamps,reading lamps etc.)which are fashionable and beautiful and make your room brighter.
Top craftworks
With its crystal-like appearance,it would be the best substitute of crystalline.It can serve as crystal-like presents such as brush pot,letter-weight,ashtray and authorization,etc.

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