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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is widely applied in the fields of construction, vehicles, household electrical appliances, indoor fit-up, etc. The company imported five world-class tempered glass production lines from Finland, England, Japan, etc., which can produce flat tempered glass, bent tempered glass and semi-tempered glass.
The strength of the tempered glass is 4 to 5 times that of the common glass.
Tempered glass can stand the abrupt temperature changes more than 200oC.
Shatterproof, tempered glass only shows bean-shape cracking spots, preventing any harm to people.
Semi-tempered glass, also known as heat-strengthened glass or strengthened glass, is twice the strengthen of common glasses.
Semi-tempered glass only shows crack lines extended to the frame when broken.
It can bear abrupt temperature changes from 100oC.
2.85-25mm(For flat tempered glass)
3.2-12mm(For bend tempered glass)
  Max Size
2440mmX5100mm(for flat tempered glass)
1600mmX3000mm(for bend tempered glass)
  Minimum Size
  Max Curvature
GB9963-98 tempered glass.
GB9656-96 protection glass for vehicles.
EU Standard ECE R 43.
Japan Standard JISR3206-89 tempered glass.
Japan Standard JISR3222-90 strengthened glass.
American Standard ANSIZ97.1 safeguard glass for construction.
American Standard ASTM C1048-92 HS heat strengthened glass.
Construction, vehicles, ships, furniture, guardrails, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.
No tong marks on the glass as TGI adopts the horizontally tempering process.
5 times harder than ordinary annealed glass.
Once breakage occurs, the glass disintegrates into small cubical fragments which are relatively harmless to human body.
It withstands abrupt change of temperature. For example, a piece of 5mm tolerate the temperature variations within the range of 200oC. 






















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