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Figured Glass (Rolled Glass, Pattern Glass)

Figured glass is made by patterned rollers which roll over glass plates whilst they are still hot and moldable. It not only provides function of visual screen but also creates aesthetic senses of changing lights and shades.
Distinguished lighting effect (for example, the patterns of  the glass include historic coins, clouds, diamonds, flora, aqualite, etc.)
Special transparency effect--The figured glass can distill comfortable volumes of light and create a delicate obscurity effect.
  General Size
2000X1500mm, 2134X1524mm, 2440X1830mm, 2134X1220mm, 2000X1200mm, 1500X1000mm
  Largest Size
Up to 2100X4500mm.
Offices, office buildings, hospitals, sports grounds, body-building rooms, bathrooms, lavatories,  washrooms etc.
The company can also adopt additional processes such as fancy cutting, grinding, drilling, tempering, engraving, etc.

Antique Winner Aqualite purple
Aqualite Bamboo Bark
Cathedral amber Cathedral bronze Cathedral green
Cathedral yellow Ceanic Chinchilla
Crystal Diamond bronze Diamond purple
Diamond Jin long purple Flame
Yozola Flora blue Flora bornze
Flora green Flora Flutelite
Galaxy purple Galaxy Gingoshi
Golden fish Grape bronze Grape
Jin Long Karatarchi purple Karatarchi
Kasumi Listral Longcross
May Flower Maya Mistlite
Moran Moru Nashiji bronze
Nashiji Quartz purple Rainbow
Raindown Rich Rose bronze
Rose Sand-flow Silezia
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