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Wired Glass

Wired glass is a product in which a wire mesh has been inserted during production. A steel wire mesh is sandwiched between two separate ribbons of semi-molten glass, and then passed through a pair of metal rollers which squeeze the "sandwich of glass and wire" together. It has impact resistance similar to that of normal glass, but in case of breakage, the mesh retains the pieces of glass. This product is traditionally accepted as low-cost fire glass.
Wired glass can be directly applied as a ornamental safeguard glass. The wire mesh in the glass can prevent any shatter or crack when the glass is broken, which makes the wired glass the ideal choice for areas claiming a high demand for fire proof, quake resistant, theft proof and earthquake resistant glasses.
  General Size
1500X2000mm  1200X2000mm 1500X1500mm
  Largest Size
Civil engineering, workshops, warehouses, basements, green houses and other areas demanding fire-proof and vibration-proof materials. 
Water waves wired glass, nashiji wired glass.
The wired glass assures the right position of the embeded wire and is safe from oxidation;
It can also be used in luxury portable doors.

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