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New Type Hanging Bar,Glass Sling

New type Hanging Bar concentrated  the advantage of other Hanging Bar, according to differentiation on the surface of the glass(such as the compatibility of  glass length is 3300 ,3660 and Hanging Bar that width is 10CM ), The perfectionist new type Hanging Bar which designed by 3D can adapt length is 2000mm-3660mm regular glasses. The diameter of seamless steel tube is increased to 146mm, Industrial grade 2 protect welder deep penetration welding, to ensure the safety of the use. The sling up each gear has marked the specifications of the labeling, that makes easier.
Technical Parameters:
New type Hanging Bar
Model: KLD-XSDG08
Length: 3150 mm
Number: Eight
Glass length to lift : 2000/2200/2400/3050/3300/3600(mm)

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